Ahlan Wa Sahlan! - Welcome!


We believe that everyone is beautiful and deserves to shine.  We use our love of this dance to promote body confidence and empower our students as well as share this art form.   Belly dance breaks the stigma that all dancers must look a certain way.  After all, the dance itself was created to celebrate woman in all her forms.  No matter how many left feet you believe you were born with or what you think a belly dancer should look like, you belong here.


Why Not Belly Dance?


Belly dance hits most of the key things women look for in a workout as well as some things most don’t think of.  The faster drum beats and tempos get the blood pumping and are excellent cardio, while the slower rhythms gently stretch and tone tired and sore muscles. It improves flexibility, posture and balance which can help with joint pain. And the repetitive, fluid motions strengthen the body and core and have been shown to reduce stress, and who couldn’t use a little less stress?


For the expecting mother, belly dance can be especially beneficial.  The slow, sensual undulations and rolls strengthen the pelvic area and muscles used in labor.  It helps relieve back pain and can reduce swelling. The dance helps with posture and balance, and helps to limber the body, facilitating in birth and recovery.  Various Lamaze moves and techniques designed to ease labor have their roots in belly dance.


Looking to improve your mental and emotional health?  Belly dance wakes up your brain and gets it firing!  The intricate movements and foot patterns provide a much needed escape from the 9-5 grind, while helping to build body confidence and raise self-esteem.  Belly dance is about body loving, not body shaming!



Our classes are designed to teach this dance in a fun, laid back class setting while providing a one of a kind experience. Our instructors have over 20 years’ experience between them and will take you from 0 to shimmy before you can say undulation!  We’re constantly switching up our class schedules to provide the widest variety of styles so whether you’re looking to add a little spice to your love life, lose a few inches and tone up, or just try something new and make new friends, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for you!


What We Offer


Belly Dance Styles





Floor Work


Prop Styles

Zils (Finger Cymbals)

Veil & Double Veil

Fan Veil



Isis Wings

Private Lessons & Group Workshops


We are available for private lessons if a group setting isn’t your thing. You’ll get one on one instruction tailored to you and what you want to learn.  

Belly dance lessons are Perfect for get-togethers!  Our group workshops are short 2 hour classes designed just for you and your friends or clients.  These are great for birthdays, bachelorette parties, baby showers, office parties, Christmas parties or a girl’s night out!  Our Instructors are certified in Awesome so you’re guaranteed a great time!  Contact us to set yours up!

What To Bring To Class


Comfortable exercise clothes


A Can-Do attitude!

Performances & Semi-private Parties


Want to make your next event unforgettable?  Hire belly dancers!  Our troupe has been performing in the Black Hills area for years.  We dance at many festivals, fundraisers, and expos throughout the year as well as some of the local businesses for semi-private parties such as birthdays or business dinners.   We dance with a variety of props, including veils, zils, and swords (some of our more popular ones), so guests never get bored. We work with you to tailor our performance to your specific needs.  Contact us to be the party people can’t stop talking about!