We are now charging for dance classes by the amount of time you are in classes per week.

*For Fall 2020-2021 we are offering Creative Movement 1 and 2, Mini Tap, Mini Hip-Hop, and Mini Tumblers for just $20 a month!


All tuition payments will be received by auto withdrawal from your bank account or credit/debit card by our staff. All registrations must include the account numbers and information of the account you would like tuition withdrawn from at the time of registrations. The $15 Annual Registration fee (or $20 per family) will be deducted from account at the time of registration. *All tuition payments will be withdrawn the 5th of every month. If you cannot participate in the auto withdrawal process you can pay quarterly with a $5 processing fee (quarterly).  IF PAYING YEAR IN FULL for dance tuition by August 25th you will receive your last month tuition for FREE. (THIS BILLING SCHEDULE APPLIES TO FALL TUITION FEES ONLY NOT TUITION BILLING FOR SUMMER CAMPS & INTENSIVES.)


*Office Management should be notified immediately of withdrawal or these monthly charges will be invoiced. Please see our Policies page for withdrawal policy.

*September tuition is non-refundable.

*All other fees such as costume fees, audition fees, or performance fees will be charged separately.

*We do not prorate on promotional pricing.