Hello Pre-Team Families!

First we would like to express our excitement for the upcoming season. Auditions were so amazing and all coaches agreed that the future of Barefoot Dance Team is strong!!  We will not be moving any of our Pre-Team dancers to team this year but will be creating a dance for both teams to do together along with another dance that each dancer will be responsible for mastering and performing at the Team showcase.  

Pre-Team 2018-19:  Lucia, Mae, Lucy, Tae, Elsie, Maddie, Shayna, Lilly, Hannah, Arayla, Poppy

Sarah's Group Piece with Team:  All Dancers


Lacee's Jazz Small Group:  Mae, Tae, Lucia, Shayna, Hannah, Arayla, Lilly

Andrea's Small Group Jazz:  Elsie, Lucy, Poppy, Maddie


* Parent Meeting September 8th at 11:30 am (right after their first training class)

* Please remember that Pre-Team dancers are required to take 2 classes at Barefoot

* Team will be competing at the following competitions: Pre-Team is required to attend/learn/support the Rapid City Competition and strongly encouraged to attend the others.

        -Rapid City- Celebration Dance Competition- March 2-3

        -Sioux Falls- Starz Dance Competition- March 30

        -Gillette- Spotlight Dance Competition- April 12

*We strongly recommend that Pre-Team dancers attend the Dance Network of South Dakota convention in Rapid City the weekend of October 19th.  This is a very affordable way to get a ton of great master classes in one weekend...super fun and happens to be in Rapid City this Year!!  More Details at parent meeting

*Our annual Moch Competition for Team is on February 2nd.  Pre-Team dancers will be required to attend/support/learn.

*Team/Pre-Team Showcase February 24th.  Both teams will be performing.  This is a huge night and the chance to show off for friends and family.  Also a great fundraiser!


*Team/Pre-Team Sleepover- November 17th!  Fun Fun Fun!  

*We will use a google calendar to schedule all rehearsals for the dances listed above!  You should be getting invitations to this calendar in the next week with the September rehearsal schedule ready to go!!  There is also a link to this calendar on the website. www.barefootdancestudio.com/team

*Access to some info will be on the password protected page on the same web page:  password: goteam 


*Some of you did not hand in your $15 audition fee.  We will post that to your account and charge you when you confirm.

*Remember that each Pre-Team dancer is required to participate in 2 fundraisers to pay for costumes.  Here are a few that will be easy to jump in on.  More to come!

        Little Caesars Pizza Kits:  October

        Butter Braids Sale:   November

        Bake Sales throughout the year

*Please let us know if you want a Jacket (required) and pants (not required) or just the Jacket for Warm-ups.  We will measure them at their first training class and order soon after.  Jacket $60  Pants $40  Due by September 15th.

*Training class will be charged to your Barefoot Dance Studio account.  However, all other team payments should be payed to Lacee in cash or check payable to "Barefoot Dance Team".

*$150 Pre-Team fee must be paid by October 31st.


Thank you all for your dedication to your kiddos in dance and to Barefoot!  This is a team you can be proud of.  That's our commitment to you!  

See you September 8th!