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Ages 6+

Jazz is a great foundational dance style. Broaden your technique while learning how to jump, leap, and turn. Barefoot offers Jazz in a large variety of levels and classes. Please inquire with us upon registration for level 3 and up. Jazz classes meet once a week and perform in our annual recital.
Prerequisites- Enrollment in Ballet is required to take Jazz.


Important Dates

September 10, 2021- Make up Pointe Testing

September 12, 2021- Welcome to Pointe Class!

September 17, 2021- Variations Class

October 10, 2021- Mock Nutcracker Audition

October 16, 2021- Nutcracker Auditions

October 30 or November 6, 2021 (TBA) - Levi Shoe Fittings 

November 26 and 27, 2021- Nutcracker Show

December 17, 2021- Variations Class

January 28, 2022- Variations Class

February 25, 2022- Variations Class

April 16, 2022- Pointe Shoe Fittings