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At Barefoot we are qualified and experienced to teach your student safely. Our staff holds certifications and memberships through the Acro Dance Teachers Association (ADT) and the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA). We are equipped with a state of the art tumbling floor and equipment.

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Ages 3-6

In this class children will learn beginning positions, skills, and gymnastics terms, along with basic body awareness, coordination and balance, flexibility, communication, and social interaction. This class meets once a week and performs in our annual recital.

For our Fall 2020/2021 dance season this class is just $20 a month!



Ages 7+

“Acro”AKA Acrobatics uses strength and flexibility to perform gymnastic-based tricks. In this class, students perform conditioning exercises to prepare them for increased difficulty. It teaches flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and of course dance movement. This class meets once a week and performs in our annual recital.



Ages 5+

A movement based class that focuses on sharp arm movements, execution of choreographic visuals and dance team/cheer skills. Dancers will learn fundamentals of pom positions and performance skills. Cheer pushes dancers to expand on their high energy and entertainment skills. This class meets once and week and will perform in our annual recital.

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