We believe that each student has their own set of needs, strengths and desires in dancing.  Our goal is to meet each student where they are on their journey towards their own personal goals and assist in a nurturing way by drawing from our own expertise and experiences.  It is in focusing on the process towards success that we can impact each student the most, in and out of class. Whether dancing for the sheer fun that our studio brings, or if you are working towards mastery of dance technique, we bring it all to you at Barefoot!  


We respect each of our students and hope to set examples of how respect is the framework for success in dance and life outside the studio.  We respect your need for family time, specialized attention for your child, integrity in business and your dancer's needs.  Our instructors are always available to discuss your child's progress. We also teach that respect means coming to class on time and dressed appropriately as well as treating the instructor and other classmates with respect.  You will feel the love the minute you walk in to Barefoot!


Barefoot Dance Studio is proud of the inclusive environment we have created.  No one student is more important than another.  It is important to us to create opportunities in the arts for all members of our community and we devote time and energy to outreach as part of our curriculum and philosophy.  We love to watch our dancers impact the people we live and play with in Rapid City.


Barefoot Dance Studio will never settle for ordinary.  We love to take chances and take the expected and turn it into extraordinary.  From the curriculum to recitals, we are always looking to push ourselves creatively.  We believe that if students are nurtured in a creative environment they have more opportunity to find their own voice and express it.  When students can express themselves, they are more likely to understand each other and build tolerance and respect for each other’s differences and find new ways to relate to one another.