Yoga & Pilates

 Classes offered by Vibrant Life Fitness

Monday, 8:15am Yoga

Tuesday, 8:00am ExerSIze
Tuesday, 12:00pm Beginner Yoga

Wednesday, 8:15am Yoga
Wednesday, 6:15pm Pilates

Thursday, 8:00am ExerSIze
Tuesday, 12:00pm Beginner Yoga
Thursday, 6:15pm Yoga

Saturday, 8:30am Pilates
Saturday, 9:30am Yoga
Saturday, 10:45am Beginner Pilates

Sunday, 2:30pm Yoga


All Levels Yoga (60 minutes)
This class moves through a variety of postures to accommodate everyone, offering both beginning and advanced students a satisfying, accessible, and energetic practice. No prior yoga experience or flexibility required. Please talk to Jillian if you have serious injuries or limitations to discuss if this class is right for you. Private yoga sessions are also available.

​Pilates (45 minutes)
Don’t be intimidated by this total body workout. Connecting with breath, grace and conscious movement these classes are perfect for anyone looking to strengthen and balance body and mind. Inspired by teachings of Joseph Pilates, we’ll emphasize core engagement. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged. Modifications will be offered for more ease or difficulty where desired and to suit ability. Pilates wakes your body up – lots of blood flow, life and strength. Please contact Jillian if you have any questions or concerns about attending this class. Private Pilates sessions are also available.

ExerSIze (45 minutes)
Body weight strength training exercises fuzed with yoga, Pilates and SI Issler’s personal flair for a total mind-body workout. Personal training sessions are also available.